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07 February 2016

Just wait 15 minutes to apply that sun screen!

I know it’s a little early to be talking about sun screen here in Minnesota. However, since I am focusing on vitamin D awareness this month, it’s perfect! Like I mentioned in last weeks blog, vitamin D deficiency is one of the most common deficiencies in this area and it is certainly linked to the limited months of sun exposure. Our bodies can’t absorb enough UVB rays from the sun between October and April here to make vitamin D in our bodies during these months. This leaves five months out of the year that we can actually make vitamin D from sun exposure, but not if we are applying sun screen!

Studies suggest that all we need to do is get 15 minutes of sun exposure per day for our bodies to make Vitamin D. In Minnesota, we need to do this between the months of May to mid-October. We need the UVB rays to make it, so it won’t happen if sun screen is applied right away. I suggest being in the sun for at least 15 minutes before applying sun screen. This means 15 minutes of skin exposure, so roll up the sleeves, the pants, close your eyes, relax and feel the warmth!

February is the month that vitamin D levels are usually at their lowest, so consider a vacation and soak up a little sun. It may not be enough to create optimal vitamin D levels, but it sure feels good! Also, consider supplementing with a professional quality vitamin D that is highly absorbable. This month, I have a variety of vitamin D supplements on sale for 15% off, so feel free to place an order!

For more information on vitamin D, RSVP to this month’s WellnesSeries class on Thursday, February 25th!

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