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Product Discounts


Great Discounts for All Patients

  • Existing patient discount: If you are a patient of mine and are ordering your supplements directly from my clinic or through my distributor, Fullscript, you will always receive a 5-10% discount on all products.
  • Bulk order discount: If you are a patient of mine and order more than 3 bottles of any one product directly from my clinic, I will give an additional 5% off. That’s a total of up to 15% off!

Price Matching

I will always price match for products ordered directly from my clinic! After the 5-10% discount, usually the price will be lower than what is offered elsewhere. However, if you find a product that I have recommended for you for less somewhere else, please just let me know the price and I will honor that for you. I appreciate this feedback and it keeps me competitive, so please let me know!

Price matching is not an option for products that have already been purchased and is not guaranteed on products ordered directly from our distributor, Fullscript.

Order Your Products & Supplements Today

If you already know which supplements you need, you can directly order your supplements here on my website. If you would like help identifying the right supplements to take, schedule a consultation with me at my Champlin location. You can reach me online or via phone at 612-250-2804.

Items For Sale ~ Save 30% While Supplies Last!

Items for sale are listed below (price as marked). If you would like to make a purchase, you can place an order on my website by filling out the order form. Orders can be placed for pick up or we can ship to you for an additional $5.00.

These items can only be sold to established patients. These items have been categorized to help you understand what they may be supportive for. By purchasing sale items, you agree that it is your responsibility to consult with Dr. Stephani before taking them to discuss safety and proper dosages.  These items are available while supplies last and the list is updated weekly. THE PRICE LISTED IS THE SALE PRICE.

Multi-Vitamin and Minerals Baby and Me Multivitamin 120 tabs $49.67
Individual Vitamins and Minerals Liquid Calcium Magnesium 16oz $16.80
Copper glycinate 60 caps $7.70
Lipothiamine 60 tabs $14.00
Biotin 5000 60 caps $13.30
B12 Active 30 chewable tabs $8.05
Lipozome- B Complex 2 fl oz $11.20
OptiMag 125 240 caps $31.50
MagSRT 120 tabs $19.60
Gastrointestinal Support Arabinogalactan 90 caps $27.44
Pancreas Drops 2 fl oz $12.60
Ox Bile 125mg 180 caps $28.84
Bearberry 90 caps $14.00
A.C Formula 120 caps $27.09
Butyric Acid 90 caps $18.20
Slippery Elm Bark – Loose Tea 4oz $13.30
Skin and Eye Care Florasone cream 1 oz $9.80
Arnica cream 1.4 oz $14.56
Dry Eye Relief drops .33 fl oz $11.90
Like a Baby skin balm .5oz $7.00
Neurotransmitter/Mood Support Neurostrans Active 1 fl oz $14.70
5-HTP SRT 120 tabs $30.80
Tryptophan 90 caps $26.95
Cortisol Manager 90 tabs $49.00
Collagen Marine Collagen packets (18 packets) $37.80
Electrolytes Electro-PH Complex powder $21.00
Detoxification Support OptiCleanse GHI (7 packets) $31.36
Metal X Synergy 90 caps $39.56
Liver Support II 60 caps $27.86
Castor Oil 16oz $8.40
Organic Cotton Flannel $18.55
Fish Oil ProEFA Liquid 8oz $25.20
Immune Support Propolis 2 fl oz $24.50
Lysine 120 caps $20.66
Elderberry Tea 18 bags $6.13
Cognitive Support Brain Cell Support 60 caps $46.55
CogniAid 60 caps $42.83
Adrenal Support Licorice Soild Exrtract 4oz $28.70
Biotonic 2 fl oz $33.60
Sleep Support Melatonin 1mg 100 caps $7.70
Kava Forte 40 tabs $43.40
White Chestnut 20mL $15.40
Sweet Dreams 2 fl oz $20.30
Leg Cramps 100 tabs $6.78
Anti-Inflammatories Saligesic 40 tabs $29.75
Homeopathics Mag. Phos 6x 500 tabs $8.40
Ferrum Phos 6x 500 tabs $8.40
Anti-Oxidant Support Resvero-XL 16oz $58.45
Coq10 Active 8 fl oz $40.60
Cardiovascular Support Bergamot BPF 60 caps $30.45
Veinoblend 90 caps $23.10
Oral Health Support Megacidin Throat Spray 1 fl oz $32.20
Dentalcidin LS 1 fl oz $29.05
Tanoral 1.58oz $23.10
Dentalcidin Toothpaste 3oz $20.30
Refrigerated Probiotics Probiophage DF 60 caps $33.60
Probiota HistaminX 60 caps $23.11
Probiota Bifido 60 caps $30.07

Health Disclaimer

Results from consuming the products mentioned on naturalfamilydoc.com (the Site) may vary from person to person. Please do not use the products mentioned on the Site when pregnant or breast feeding. You should consult your doctor before using the products mentioned on the Site or any dietary supplement. The statements on the Site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and the products mentioned on the Site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Natural Family Medicine gives no warranty in respect to the products mentioned on the Site.