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10 July 2016

Essential Fatty Acids for Skin Food

Skin health is affected by several nutrients. Nutrients that have been shown to benefit skin health include: vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, peptides, and essential fatty acids (such as those found in fish oil).  In this blog, I will be discussing how fish oils are great sources of skin food.

Essential fatty acids are fats that we rely on our diet to get. If we do not consume foods rich in essential fatty acids, we are at risk for becoming deficient in them. Examples of these include omega 3’s, found in fish such as wild salmon, and omega 6’s, found in oil such as primrose oil. Deficiency in either of these can increase risk for poor skin function and appearance, as they are vital for skin health. These essential fatty acids control inflammation by modulating inflammatory markers in our body, especially in the skin. Because of this, they provide protection from the sun and they play a vital role in healing skin conditions. Regular consumption of omega 3 oils has been shown to promote a more youthful skin appearance. Regular consumption of primrose, flax, or borage oil has been shown to reduce skin sensitivities and improve skin appearance. Both of these essential fatty acids play a vital role in wound healing as well.

Essential fatty acids can be purchased separately or in a combination formula and quality varies depending on the manufacturer. There are omega 3’s, 6’s, 7’s and 9’s. If one is taken in a large amount without the others, it can cause others to become deficient. I recommend combination formulas so that all of your oils stay in balance. I also recommend sticking with professional quality supplements for fish oils (omega 3’s), avoiding over the counter products found at convenient stores. This is because they can be high in heavy metals, PCB’s, and other toxins. Professional quality supplements are tested to be free of these potentially dangerous components.

If you would like to purchase professional quality essential fatty acids for your skin, consider a professional quality combination formula rich in omega’s 3, 6, 7, and 9. Try “Omegavail Synergy” and receive 15% off this month! Place your order today!

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