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20 December 2015

Have the Flu? Elderberry to the Rescue!

The flowers and berries of Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) have been traditional remedies for supporting overall immune health, especially in the winter months. This herb is very effective for the treatment of viral infections, especially the flu. It is sold in a syrup form and has a flavor that is tolerated by most children and adults, alike. Elderberry has high levels of a flavonoid called anthocyanins, which are responsible for the immune enhancing benefits that it offers. Elderberry is also high in another flavonoid called quercetin which has potent antioxidant properties and is beneficial for vascular integrity (the strength of vascular walls).

Although Elderberry syrup is available in most natural food sections of stores, most of the syrups sold over the counter are diluted (less potent) and have sugars added to make them sweet. These formulas are not as effective as professional quality concentrates (undiluted formulas) that do not have sugars added. For premium quality elderberry syrup, contact me. The elderberry syrup that I carry is so concentrated that the dose is only 1/8 teaspoon taken three to four times daily. The over the counter brands that are heavily diluted and contain sugar need to be taken at approximately one tablespoon several times daily. Plus the sugar content that is consumed when doing this weakens the immune response, which negates the purpose of taking it. Place an order through Natural Family Medicine today so that you have professional quality elderberry syrup on hand when you need it.

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